Texas License To Carry (LTC) a handgun Training

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License To Carry(LTC) a handgun Course  

The class plus the shooting range fee for an original concealed handgun license is $80 The license class is between 4-6 classroom hours of state mandated  training.  I do courses in different areas of the state at varying addresses, so please call to reserve your spot and so that I can give you the address.

NOTICE: THIS CLASS DOES NOT PROVIDE SHOOTING INSTRUCTION. YOU MUST BE PROFICIENT WITH A FIREARM PRIOR TO TAKING THIS CLASS. I offer classes on shooting instruction to assist you in preparing for the handgun proficiency test (listed to the right).  In addition to being a certified LTC Instructor I am also a NRA certified Handgun Instructor and offer the NRA classes totally separate and apart from the LTC course.  The LTC course teaches about the laws and regulations of concealed carry in the state of Texas and some very basic safety and gun range rules. 

Classes are forming now for the 2022 year - 9am - 2pm  Please call or text me at the phone number below for classroom and gun range information. For those participants who haven't shot before or who haven't shot in awhile; we can meet the before the class date at a shooting range so that I can give you instruction on handgun safety and work with you on your shooting technique.  The Saturday class covers mostly the law of carrying and laws pertaining to owning a handgun and the use of your handgun. It is important that you are proficient in shooting before taking the range portion of the class. There is a written test on the classroom portion of the class and a shooting proficiency test. 


What would you do in a mass shooting or work place shooting: I will hold small classes of 5-7 and cover the aspects of surviving a mass shooting or work place shooting. Don't get caught unprepared.

Contact: Joe Cavazos, certified LTC Instructor

mobile: 832 492-5188

Email: [email protected]

It is not necessary to have made the LTC application or the finger printing before taking the class; but, you may certainly do so.  The cost of the application to the State of Texas depends on your status, for most the cost is $40. There are discounted rates for certain groups of applicants.  Please see the Texas DPS website for all the different types of exemptions and the associated costs.  The finger printing is done with digital fingerprinting and costs $9.95.  Eligibility requirements are listed on the services page. For information on the CHL application please visit the Texas Department of Public Safety Concealed Handgun website: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/rsd/chl/index.htm

You should also have a gun that you are comfortable shooting.  You may now qualify with any handgun for your LTC, this includes a .22 calibur handgun.

Range Proficiency

LTC Qualification Course
     To successfully qualify, shooters must complete this course with a minimum score of 70% (175 out of possible 250).  

Stage 1: Twenty shots (20) will be fired from 3 yards.
A. Five (5) shots fired in a “One Shot Exercise” 2 seconds allowed.
B. Ten shots (10) fired in a “Two Shot Exercise” 3 seconds allowed.
C. Five (5) shots fired in 10 seconds

Stage 2: Twenty shots (20) will be fired from 7 yards.
A. Five (5) shots will be fired in 10 seconds
B. Five (5) shots will be fired in 2 stages:
1. Two (2) shots will be fired in 4 seconds
2. Three (3) shots will be fired in 6 seconds
C. Five (5) shots fired in a “One Shot Exercise” 3 seconds allowed.
D. Five (5) shots fired in 15 seconds.

Stage 3: Ten shots (10) will be fired from 15 yards.
A. Five (5) shots fired in two stages:
1. Two (2) shots fired in 6 seconds.
2. Three (3) shots fired in 9 seconds.
B. Five (5) shots fired in 15 seconds.

It is important you have some kind of LTC protection insurance, just in case you ever need to use your gun in a self-defense situation.  I personally have chosen Texas LawShield.  If you are interested in getting coverage for yourself or your family please visit the following site: (cut & paste to your URL)

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